Creating a new project

Create a new project using one of the following scripts

  • ./vendor/bin/vespula-cli-create
  • ./vendor/bin/vespula-cli-project


When you are finished creating your project, you must modify the html/index.php file so that it references your new project, rather than the Welcome project.


This is an interactive script that lets you choose between a project and a controller. There are three things you need to know when running this script.

What is the name of your project?
This should be CamelCase and it needs to reside in the src folder. Example: MyProject

What is the target folder?
This should almost always be ./src. You can put projects elsewhere, but you would have to modify your autoloading. The path to this folder can be absolute (/var/www/my-slim-mvc/src), or it can be relative to the current directory where you are running the script from.

What theme do you want to use?
This is optional. You can specify bootstrap, foundation, or default. If you ommit this, then default will be chosen. The theme simply specifies what layout you will be using for the look and feel of the site. You can add your own at anytime. More on themes/layouts later.


This script is less interactive and relies on command line arguments. Here is an example:

$ ./vendor/bin/vespula-cli-project -t src/MyProject -l bootstrap

-t refers to the target folder, including the name of the project.
-l refers to the optional theme name (layout)

You can get help with ./vendor/bin/vespula-cli-project -h