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Vespula PHP Packages Documentation


Here, you will find documentation for the majority of the Vespula PHP packages. If documentation is not here, it will be on the packages repository in the readme file.

  • Vespula.Auth : Easy authentication (text, sql, ldap)
  • Vespula.Event : Event binding and triggering
  • Vespula.Form : Create form elements, automatically from a database table
  • Vespula.Ldap : Use this to find records in an Active Directory/LDAP directory
  • Vespula.Locale : A simple class for displaying localized strings
  • Vespula.Log : PSR-3 compliant logger with various output adapters
  • Vespula.Paginator : A package for building pagination HTML with different decorators (foundation, bootstrap)
  • Vespula.SlimMVC : A Vespula-flavoured MVC setup that is based on the Slim Framework
  • Vespula.Notifier : A simple notification library to send simple notifications to adapters (Slack, Email, Mattermost, etc).